Article/Social Media Post for No Limit Fitness, Miami

Article/Social Media Post for No Limit Fitness, Miami

The Male Body Parts Women Love!!

Graphics / Designs by Face It Design & MarketingThis post is for you guys to delve into a woman’s mind and learn which body parts attract women the most, and what muscles you should consider going for a bit extra hard at the gym;-)

Well Defined Shoulders
Of 100 women surveyed by, a vast majority had a lot to say about shoulders. Women like it when a man has well-defined, broad shoulders, because they are a sign of strength and masculinity.

A Chiseled Chest
Almost all men love a nice pair of breasts – real or fake – as long as they look good. Well, women have the same requirements, minus the fake breasts of course. Perfect pecs are part of the whole image of “the man of her dreams”. Most women get attracted when they are able to envision what a man’s chest looks like under his clothes, when the shape of the chest reveals itself under the shirt. “The way a sweater or chemise falls on a woman’s body reveals a lot about what is under there” – same goes for a man in a shirt!

Bulging Biceps
Come on… you guys knew it was coming. Big, well-defined biceps do not just signify strength, they also reveal that you are taking good care of your body. If there is one thing women love, it is a man who takes care of things. As with the chest, women love when they are able to get a hint of a man’s biceps either through his sweater or, when he wears a T-shirt. Also, women loooove when their man is able to lift them up and maneuver their bodies effortlessly when they are engaging in crazy “slam you up against the wall” sex.

Awesome Abs
It is absolutely no surprise that women love that washboard stomach. The ripples are the epitome of what a man is defined by. Men should strive for that six-pack, and no…not the beer six-pack! Some women did not necessarily require rock-hard abs, but a flat stomach was important just the same.

Buff Butt
In general, the survey showed that women are not that much different from men. Some women wrote that they love those half-moon butts, while others preferred the slightly curvaceous ones. It’s usually the athletic guys that have the nicest butts… so guys, get going and shape ‘dat ass’!

Head over to No Limit Fitness Miami and start working on what women want and desires! The fitter you get, the easier it will be to fend off the throngs of women who will desire you. Lucky you!

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